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• Commercial cleaning

• Kitchen deep cleaning

• Builders cleans

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• Floor care programmes (involving polishing, scrub and seal to all hard floor surfaces)

• Carpet cleaning

• Escalator cleaning

• Blind cleaning

• The cleaning of ventilation systems and catering equipment

• Air conditioning systems cleaned


Are you looking for commercial and contract cleaning services in Glasgow? Blitz Group Ltd are one of the leading cleaning companies throughout Scotland. We provide cleaning services to a variety of premises including, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, financial organisations, and entertainment venues.


Blitz Group Ltd provides professional, flexible and budget conscious, tailored cleaning services to both large and small businesses throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas in Scotland.


Our experienced, dedicated, motivated and fully trained staff are able to clean any size property - we have all of your needs covered.


At Blitz Group Ltd, we believe that corners are there to be cleaned, not cut.


For a FREE, no obligation quote, phone us now on 0141 779 4209. We accept enquiries from Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.


All cleaning contract work times are tailored to suit your requirements which can be daily or weekly - and convenient to you and your working environment.


Blitz Group Ltd comes highly recommended and our contract retention rate was 92% in 2009.


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